Sunday, August 3, 2008

Where on Earth Will YOU vote? LAUNCH tomorrow

Our viral video "Where on Earth will YOU vote?" (with special guest star!) officially launches tomorrow on Monday, August 4, that is when we begin our "Virtual Search Party" !!! to find the hundreds of thousands – some believe millions! -- of missing overseas voters.

We know the missing voters are out there, lost somewhere between Toronto and Timbuktu, and they are not casting ballots.

Help! Join our Virtual Search Party on August 4th: Watch the video! Watch it again!
Send it to everyone you know -- Everyone!

Please, please, please commit to putting the video on the front page of your blog on Monday! We need to make this a huge YouTube viral hit in order to find hundreds of thousands (or millions!) of missing overseas voters.

While your waiting, here's our last silly clip from the green room of our video shoot in Paris. This one from Scarlet and Asha. Says it all really!

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