Wednesday, August 6, 2008

We're a hit!

So did you watch the video?  

You and 200,000 other people! 

Here are the stats:

* 200,000 views in 2 days. 
(Don't rely on the YouTube counter-- you need to add in all the hits from the Daily Telegraph and PerezHilton, too.)

* New voters registered in more than 100 countries, voting in 48 different states
(The only ones we're missing are North Dakota, Wyoming and Oklahoma. Plains-states voters where are you?)

* A squidgillion press items and reports reaching voters of all ages. 
If they didn't read about us in the IHT, on CNN or on the AP wire, they can find us in Glamour Magazine and Marie Claire.

Check out the list of delicious bookmarks in the right column to read what they're saying about us! 

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